The best way to Get Your App into Apple’s Apps Store

astoreThe Apple Apps Store is always swamped with thousands upon thousands of applications, with quite a few doing really well and a handful of others doing reasonably well. However it’s only a small amount of apps truly make it to the very top of the Apple Charts. Your app will have to compete along with nearly another half a million others. Using Internet marketing could help you create a new kind of hype about your app while designing and submitting good quality applications will captivate many people, but if you really want your own apps to go viral you will have to have some juice added. Finding and hiring a skilled iPhone app programmer will definitely help you develop a more successful application, however, your app must get included within the Apple Store for it to be truly successful  and boost your profits substantially.

The only thing that will make a new app climb to the very top is that special thing you’ve added to it. But there are a few methods that can be used to get the interest of Apple and get your own app showcased sooner rather than later or get the whole process to speed up. If you manage to make this happen, not only will you receive priceless promotion, but your profits may also increase 5-15 folds. Although there aren’t any cutting corners to good results, here are a few methods that could convince Apple to feature your app in their store.

Develop a Fantastic New Authentic App – A great deal will depend on how great your idea is. If your app is based on identical apps in Apple’s store which are already successful, you’ll want to provide something more, as distinction is the name of the game. When you create an app around some kind of original concept, the chance of it being showcased is enhance considerably. Not surprisingly, if your app is poorly made, or if it seems to have bugs, there is very little chance of it ever getting showcased in Apple’s store.

Believe in the Personalized Look – Whenever you require reliable information, it’s always best to go to the source. Every time you submit an app, you’ll get to speak to one of Apple’s rep’s who will evaluate your app. Always try to drum up a rapport with this representative then question them about what exactly Apple wants as core suggestions will be a lot more up-to-date and specific  when compared to what you hear or read.

Take part in Apple Activities – App promotion consists of much more than having an iPhone app programmer for hire and doing some internet marketing. You will be competing with several thousand individuals who desperately want their own apps to be featured in the App Store. To be successful you must recognize how people at Apple think, and understand what they really want. You should speak with individuals who can make a difference and also try to develop awareness in regards to your concept. Take part in Apple’s events and present your app to Apple staff members, they might just mention it to their co-workers, and it could get showcased on Apple’s web store.

Timing is everything – although it can be extremely difficult to get featured within the App Store straight away, you might at the least get a spot within the ‘Just Released’ display. If your app receives good results from users within the very first day it will help to attract Apple’s interest. Several developers believe releasing their apps at the end of the week is best, while some maintain publishing on a Monday is the perfect time.  But to make sure your app get release at a time you would like it released, it is far better to submit in advance. Just in case the approval procedure gets too long and you’re not able to release on the day of your choice. For seasonal apps that focus on targeting activities or festivals and occasions, missing the deadline date could be the beginning of the end.

Guide Apple by Making a Point – Each and every new Apple device or operating system offers many new additional features and functions. The new distinctive features and functions provided by Apple are exactly what fuel their success. If you get an expert app developer to build an app which is based on the most recent iphone features, or perhaps create one which uses the new tools provided with the new ios7 platform, the possibilities of getting showcased within the Apps Store will definitely be significantly boosted if you do all the things in the right way.

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